The Kelusa, to Enjoy a Harmonious Atmosphere in Ubud

The Kelusa Ubud Bali
The Kelusa

Ubud is one of the destinations in Bali which is famous for its serene atmosphere. Culinary hunting in Ubud will also be a fun agenda to enrich your experience. Looking for a quality, modern place to eat, without leaving the side of art and culture as well as the beauty of the scenery, is of course difficult. This time, The Kelusa can be a destination of choice that cannot be missed. Located in Ubud, The Kelusa is a special culinary treasure. The location, which is surrounded by the tropical forest of Prayangan, is a beautiful place to capture the moment while taking pictures.

The Kelusa is a Beautiful place, where artists and creatives can meet and network through regular monthly events carefully crafted for those with the same vision. The dining experience at The Kelusa, can satisfy every fan by offering culinary offerings that are created spatially into two parts: mainstay dishes; namely modern Indonesian dishes with unique additions, as well as classic dishes.

A selection of signature dishes include Sambal be Tongkol, a tuna salad with onions, lemongrass, chillies and local basil, Cakalang Woku (grilled tuna, spicy turmeric seasoning, roasted scallions and tomato confit), as well as a wide selection of desserts, including Another is the ever-favorite Gethuk (sweet cassava, vanilla vla, chopped various nuts, and vanilla ice cream).

Barramundi Serving a variety of dishes

As previously explained, The Kelusa also provides classic dishes ranging from Melanzane (aubergine, tomato, burnt mozzarella, wild rocket, and balsamic), to Pan Seared (polenta cake, wild mushroom, sautéed spinach, and beurre noir). , as well as classic desserts such as the Semifreddo (peanut butter, caramel popcorn, almond tuile, and chocolate sauce) and Poached Pear (spiced cranberry, star anise, chantilly crème, and shortbread). For parents who bring children there is no need to worry, because Chef Iwan from The Kelusa has prepared a special menu for them.

Connoisseurs of exquisite wines can choose a wine to satisfy their taste buds from the Samsara wine cellar, and no doubt, cocktail aficionados will enjoy the wide range of unique cocktails served by The Kelusa, including signature cocktails such as the Popcorn Sour, a delicious drink served before/ after lunch, and made from a mixture of popcorn and Vodka Sour. The range of cocktails and mocktails reflects the colors of Bali as well as fresh local organic produce.

Apart from gourmet dishes, The Kelusa strives to be a meeting place for all creative and visionary people from all over the island of the Gods to meet and relax for a while. The Kelusa monthly events are designed for global travelers who consider Bali as their home, so they can indulge in exquisite food and drink, while honing their creative ideas in a happy atmosphere.

Stunning views and attractive interiors

The serene ambiance of the surrounding forest and tropical natural interiors add to The Kelusa’s appeal for gourmet cuisine that emphasizes the rich and varied culinary history of Indonesian cuisine. To summarize, The Kelusa opened its doors with the aim of guaranteeing that every guest will get a classic culinary dining experience served in a modern and sophisticated way.

The Managing Director of PT Samsara Raga Internasional, Bayu Sarwono, as the owner of The Kelusa and Samsara Ubud Resort explained that their desire is that if tourists or anyone looking for Indonesian culinary delights in Ubud, The Kelusa is the first thing that comes to their minds. A place where the new and the modern are combined with the traditional and cultural heritage.

“In addition, we want to create a place that upholds the values ​​of inclusivity, innovation, and connection with nature and the environment,” Bayu further explained, emphasizing that quality and humility are words that describe The Kelusa’s philosophy. Bayu added that The Kelusa wanted to promote local culinary delights and optimize the use of local products. “We also want to maintain sustainability and empower local workers and foster innovation,” he added. The Kelusa is open daily from 07.00 to 22.30

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