Monitoring the Growth and Development of Premature Babies to Become Children of Achievement

Babies who are born prematurely can still grow into achieving children, Mother. However, everything is not easy to achieve just like that.

Growth and Development of Premature Babies
Growth and Development of Premature Babies

Parents as well as doctors and other medical personnel are still needed to monitor the growth and development of children. It is hoped that later the child can grow according to his age and have a good quality of life.

Then what should parents do to monitor premature babies?

Previously, mothers needed to know about the differences between premature babies and Low Birth Weight Babies (LBW). According to the Perinatology and Neonatology Consultant Pediatrician, Prof. Dr. dr. Rinawati Rohsiswatmo, SpA(K), babies born small are not necessarily premature.

“If it’s premature, we talk about babies born less than 37 weeks. But, when it comes to LBW, we talk about birth weight,” said the doctor who is familiarly called Rina, at a virtual media briefing with the theme ‘The Role of Parents in Supporting Premature Children to Grow Healthy and Achieve. ‘ via Zoom, Tuesday (15/11/22).

“Premature babies are low or small in weight, but small babies are not necessarily premature. Maybe he is small for other reasons, for example a baby born at full term but only weighs 2 kilograms (kg) because maybe the mother is not healthy or the baby has problems,” he continued.

Growth and development disorders in premature babies Premature

babies are at risk of experiencing growth and development disorders, Mother. This disorder can be in the form of problems with physical, mental, learning and cognitive conditions, to quality of life.

“What needs to be paid attention to in this premature baby? Its growth and development. So if this child can’t get along, but is smart or angry, that’s also not good. So, the quality of life must be good,” said Rina.

“He lives but depends on having to use a respirator because of lung damage. Then he is stunted and his brain is not good enough. Or he can live well or can communicate, but can’t swallow because he’s using a tube,” he continued.

According to the data, the prevalence of premature babies experiencing moderate motor disorders is 19 percent. Meanwhile, mild motor impairment is 40 percent.

In children with a history of intubation and very premature birth it can also cause vocal cord abnormalities. This is indirectly related to a low level of self-confidence if it is not handled immediately.

Several other disorders that can occur in children who are born prematurely are behavior problems, poor social skills, to loss of function to carry out daily activities.

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